White Cranes Rescue: The Unique Broadcasting at Aif.ru


White Cranes Rescue: The Unique Broadcasting at Aif.ru

However the death rate of the wild chicks in the natural conditions during the first year of life is around 70% and today in Russia there are not more than 20 white cranes.
To preserve the population of the rare and beautiful birds the Russian scientist decided to conduct an experiment and placed several couples into the hatchery. The cranes are sitting the chicks which later will be adapted to the wild and led to the place of living of the wild flocks.

The young birds are taught to fly for long distances with the help of the specially designed motorized hang gliders. The cranes grown in the hatchery take the motorized hang glider for the leader of the flock and follow it till the place of wintering.
For the present moment there are four white cranes in the hatchery: Uchur, Samgym, Sergey and Banyl. They were taken there form their historic motherland – Yakutia – in different time.

It is possible to become a spectacular, share the impressions, read the project diary and take part in contests at the official site of the online-broadcasting of the project -aif.ru/sterkh.

And you may also join the white cranes fan group at facebook.com/sterhi.

information: Broadcasting is one of the part of the global ecological project – “The Flight of Hope”. Its goal is to preserve and increase the population of the white cranes. The main organizers are «All-Russian R&D Institute of Nature» of the Ministry of Nature Resources of Russian Federation, the Oksk State Biodiversity Hatchery, the gas company “ITERA” and the fund “Sterrh”.

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